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Welcome Messages

Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi

Mrs. Sheila Dikshit

“I am glad to learn that 'Svayam' is organizing an International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED) on 18th September, 2012 at New Delhi. Thea ged and disabled persons really deserve a helping hand in metro cities like Delhi. It is the need of the hour to take care of their mobility and their transport. I hope the deliberations of the conference will go a long way in devising a feasible action plan to make their lives comfortable. My best wishes for the success of the conference.”

Shri Kamal Nath, Hon'ble Minister, Urban Development, Govt. of India

The 13th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons is being organised from September 17-21, 2012 at New Delhi . The conference assumes greater importance as it will deliberate upon the issues of elderly and differently abled people. The Ministry of Urban Development is involved in developing people friendly public infrastructure and transport systems across the nation. It is important to ensure that all new projects whether in the transport sector or any other built infrastructure cater to the needs of all sections of society, including the most vulnerable segments. I congratulate  the organizers for hosting this Conference and wish the Conference success.

Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai, Hon'ble Union Minister for Tourism, Govt. of India

Photo of Mr. Subodh Kant Sahai, Hon

“I am happy to learn that "Svayam" is organizing 13th International Conference on 'mobility and transport for elderly and disabled persons' called "TRANSED 2012" in New Delhi during 17th - 20th September, 2012 at The Lalit, New Delhi.

Universal human rights for the special needs of the elderly and disabled as mandated in United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) is the guiding principle in all our endeavours in creating tourist facilities and promoting tourism in the country. The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India is working towards developing India as a "tourist-friendly nation". In order to enhance this experience further our Ministry is laying greater stress on creating inclusive and enabling infrastructure for persons with disabilities and elderly at various tourist destinations. I am confident the learning's of this Conference will help us further streamline our objectives so that the weakest link of the society too stands to benefit. I congratulate "Svayam" for hosting this valuable conference and wish the 13th TRANSED 2012 immense success and tangible conclusions.”

Mr. Arvinder Singh, Hon'ble Minister of Urban Development, GNCT of Delhi

Photo of Mr. Arvinder Singh, Hon

“We are looking forward to welcoming the delegates of TRANSED 2012 in Delhi. Delhi government is committed to providing complete support to Svayam - the organizers of this conference. Govt. of Delhi is actively working towards a more disabled friendly and integrated transport system. Whether it is buses, walkways, or any other mode of transport, accessibility is an important aspect now. We’ll be delighted to have delegates who will bring in global expertise, knowledge and technical know-how and add to our knowledge base, and views on the subject. Looking forward to TRANSED 2012 in India and wish it would be grand success.”

Mr. Ramakant Goswami, Hon'ble Minister of Transport, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Photo of Mr. Ramakant Goswami, Hon

"The Department of Transport, Govt. of NCT of Delhi has endeavoured to modernize the whole transport system by introducing strong fleet of low floor buses to suit the needs of varied stakeholders. We are actively working towards providing a disabled friendly and seamless integrated multi-modal transport system that it not only meets the needs of a diverse demography and burgeoning population but also reduces dependence on private modes of transport for daily commuting to work and for short distances.

We understand the fact that better transport solutions can help drive growth and increase human well being and thus, making the transport infrastructure inclusive and barrier free is the driving force while executing all our projects and is reflected in all our policies, initiatives and action plans. The 13th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED) being organized by Svayam brings best practices and expertise from across the world and we hope to benefit from the enriching deliberations. I wish TRANSED 2012 all success and evenftul discussions.”

Dr. Sudhir Krishna, IAS, Secretary- Urban Development, Govt. of India

Photo of Dr. Sudhir Krishna, IAS, Secretary- Urban Development, Govt. of India
"Provision of adequate and barrier free public infrastructure including accessible transport has been a critical factor in accelerating economic growth and development of many developing countries.  Ministry of Urban Development being the Nodal Ministry is committed towards realizing this mandate and plays an advisory and catalytic role in promotion of barrier free built environment for the elderly and persons with disabilities.  

Equitable access to public infrastructure is the guiding principle that Ministry of Urban Development adheres to. We recognize the significance of providing an enabling and inclusive environment to the most vulnerable segments to foster equal participation in the society that will benefit the country as a whole. 

The 13th TRANSED (International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons) being hosted by Svayam provides a valuable opportunity to all of us to share our experiences and learning’s in promoting accessible environment for livable communities. The Ministry of Urban Development is happy  to extend support to the 13th TRANSED 2012 conference and I do believe, the three day long deliberations would help the world community to take a lead for inclusiveness in the public infrastructure that will benefit millions of people across nations.    

I wish all an inspiring conference. 

Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister-Transport, Building & UD, Germany

Photo of Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister-Transport, Building & UD, Germany
"Accessibility in passenger transport is the key to ensuring that all individuals can participate in society in a self-determined and equal manner. Therefore, guaranteeing mobility, including that of the elderly and disabled people, is an inseparable part of Germany's transport policy vision. We want to facilitate mobility, not hamper it.   At the EU level, there are already passenger rights regulations for each mode of transport, which include special rights for persons with reduced mobility. 

Any political decision that affects people with disabilities has to be judged against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), which specifies the universal human rights for the special needs of disabled people. Inclusion is the key principle. 

In order to implement the Convention, the Federal Government has developed an action plan, to which my Ministry has contributed by developing the part concerning mobility. This plan is constantly being updated. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development is also funding a research project titled "Accessibility in Germany's Local Public Transport System" which will be concluded this year with the publication of a book that will also be available in English. In doing so, we will present a compendium of solutions which will be available to everybody who is interested. It is also aimed at disseminating findings to a broad audience, even beyond our national borders. 

On this note, I would like to wish the TRANSED 2012 and everybody involved a lot of interesting discussions, tangible results and every success for this important work."

Mr. Steven Fletcher, Hon'ble Minister of State (Transport), Canada

Photo of Mr. Steven Fletcher, Hon
"Accessible transportation is essential in ensuring the independence and inclusivity of the growing aging populations in all countries as well as the many people living throughout the world with disabilities. Striving to ensure that all people can continue to live an active and independent lifestyle places many demands on, and presents many challenges to the global transportation system. However, it also presents very real opportunities. 

Transport Canada is responsible for establishing the legislative policy framework for accessible transportation in Canada and for monitoring its effectiveness. As Minister of State (Transport), I recognize the value and the importance of the International Conferences on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED). They are milestone events that allow policy makers, researchers, academia, transport operators and international experts to exchange ideas and experiences on accessible transportation, as well as to showcase innovative and technological solutions for the transportation needs of an aging population and persons with disabilities. Canada has been engaged in many TRANSED conferences. We have served as the host (both in 1986 in Vancouver and 2007 in Montreal) and as a sponsor. Additionally, our officials have acted as members of scientific and steering committees and as presenters or chairs of technical sessions. 

Canada was proud to host the 11th TRANSED conference in Montreal under the theme “Benchmarking, Evaluation and Vision for the Future.”  TRANSED 2007 highlighted advances in research, profiled international breakthroughs, and explored perspectives for technological innovations related to the mobility challenges of an aging population and of persons with disabilities, as part of an inclusive society.

While there will always be room to improve accessible transportation, we have made great progress. As part of that continuing effort, the TRANSED conferences will continue to be a valuable research resource for the transportation industry and policy makers working to advance accessibility in the transportation sector in Canada and abroad.  I wish you all a successful conference."

Ms. Sminu Jindal, Founder Svayam & Chair-International Scientific Committee

Photo of Ms. Sminu Jindal, Founder Svayam & Chair-International Scientific Committee, TRANSED 2012 I
"TRANSED is all about providing mobility solutions so that each one of us can be a part of the social milieu and each one of us can be independent and celebrate life. Happiness comes through the ability to lead a life of independence and dignity. To be able to go where one wants go, to be able to do what one wants to do. Why chain one down few by something that was built at some point of time? The one thing that brings us together is the passion to make this world barrier-free. I am hoping your presence in India in the year 2012 will inspire us together to find mobility solutions not only for urban but also rural India. 

The change that we are all working towards will definitely happen if accessibility becomes a movement involving each one of us. There is hope, hope for a better world because when barriers bend, hurdles disappear, dreams take shape, ambitions form and life takes a step forward. See you in India!"

Dr. Geetam Tiwari, Chair- International Scientific Committee, TRANSED 2012

Photo of Dr. Geetam Tiwari, Chair- International Scientific Committee, TRANSED 2012
"On behalf of the scientific programme committee it is my pleasure to welcome participants of 13th TRANSED to Delhi. The importance of TRANSED has been growing over the years as cities and countries move towards making accessible environment for all.  TRANSED provides an important platform to highlight the contribution of researchers working in this area for the benefit of all stakeholders. The scientific committee has been working for the last eighteen months in reviewing the abstracts. We are happy to present high quality papers and posters from  forty six countries covering a wide range of issues relevant for making accessible transport and accessible communities. Two hundred papers will be presented in twenty one sessions planned at the 13th TRANSED. Several researchers will be sharing their work in poster sessions running parallel to the oral presentations. 

I am sure the varied stakeholders present in this conference which includes policy makers, user groups, activists, academic and planners, all will find new exciting presentations suitable to their interests. We look forward to active participation from all and a very fruitful TRANSED2012."

Ms. Abha Negi, Chair-Organizing Committee, TRANSED 2012

Photo of Ms. Abha Negi, Chair-Organizing Committee, TRANSED 2012, India

"Svayam was awarded the bid in 2009 to host the 13th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for the Elderly and Disabled (TRANSED 2012) in India. Right from that moment onwards it's been laboriously exciting and exhilarating run up to the actual hosting of the conference. An enriching experience, for me personally, the ambit of skills honed during this two and half year long journey has a pose of many a varied experiences which I truly cherish. The hand-holding provided by Christopher GB Mitchell, Thomas E Rickert and Lalita Sen ensured we didn't flounder at any stage. Prof. Geetam Tiwari's deep understanding of the issue and vast domain Rnowledge has steered the overall roll out of inviting abstracts to overseeing the review process ably. 

Having received over four hundred abstracts from forty six nations and with an excellent technical programme lined up, the conference promises to be an important mile stone in the global pursuit for an equitable and inclusive society. Welcoming you all to Delhi once again. 

Happy and meaningful deliberations!"

Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Delhi Transport Corporation
Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India
Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India
Canadian Transportation Agency
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