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India - Your Host Country

INDIA - exotic, oriental, also modern and booming. A land of legends, myths and mysteries. A landscape that's as diverse and vibrant as its stories, people, customs, fairs, festivals, delectable cuisines and of course the shopping.

From the endless sand-dunes in the west, to the mystical Himalaya in the north and east, to the charming lagoons of the south; from bustling cities to forgotten mud-hut village; around rich monuments in locations where empires once existed, India is a complete world in itself.

India (Republic of India) is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country in the world.

The wonder that is India never stops overwhelming your senses, as you hear the sweetness of the flute in the misty northern hills and the deep rhythm of the sitar at a mesmerizing performance; as you drive past the captivating sound of temple bells that ring out loud amidst the noise of a daily ritual prayer; as you wander into monuments adorned with precious stones - unguarded, still splendid; as you lie deeply relaxed drifting to music, massaged by the strong yet gentle touch of ayurveda healers.

Ethnically Indians speak different languages, follow different religions, and eat the most diverse varieties of food all of which add to the rich Indian culture. The beauty of the Indian people lies in the spirit of tolerance, give-and-take and a composition of cultures that can be compared to a garden of flowers of various colours and shades of which, while maintaining their own entity, lend harmony and beauty to the garden - India!


Republic of India – Quick Facts

flag, emblem

National Anthem National Song
Jana Gana Mana | Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people Vande Mataram | I bow to thee, Mother

Position On Globe:











Capital Largest City Official language(s) Demonym Government
New Delhi | 28°36.8'N 77°12.5'E Mumbai Hindi, English Indian Federal Parliamentary, Constitutional Republic
President Prime Minister Legislature Upper House Independence Independence Declared Republic Declared
Pratibha Patil (Ms.) Manmohan Singh (Dr.) Sansad Rajya Sabha, Lower House: Lok Sabha From the United Kingdom 15 August 1947 26 January 1950


Area Population Currency Time zone Internet TLD International Calling code
3,287,263 km2 / 1,269,219 sq mi 1,210,193,422 (2011 census) Indian National Rupee (INR) IST (UTC+5:30) .in 91